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2019 SPLOST Presentation
Find out all about plans for the next SPLOST
2019 SPLOST Projects
Detailed list of planned SPLOST projects
2019 SPLOST Transportation Projects
$71.2 million of SPLOST's approximately $89 million budget are transportation projects. Download to find out more.
2019 SPLOST Intergovernmental Agreement
Agreement between the county and various cities for SPLOST projects
2019 Division of SPLOST Proceeds
Planned projects for the 2019 SPLOST

2016 Road Rehabilitation


17.45 miles of road rehabilitation

2.209 miles of shoulder work

Funding possible by citizen support of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax

protects existing pavement structures from water damage and delays reflective cracking in new surfaces therefore extending the life of the roadway
Millard Farmer Road from Corinth to Old Corinth 2.755
Christopher Road from SR54 to McIntosh Trail 2.613
Johnson Road from SR54 to Sid Hunter Road 1.143
Hood Road from SR70 to Brimer Road 1.485
pavement surfacing construction involving two applications of asphalt binder material and mineral aggregate. The emulsion is applied by a pressure distributor, followed immediately by an application of mineral aggregate, and finished by rolling. The result is an improved roadway at a lesser cost allowing more roads to be rehabilitated with available funds
Martin Girls Road from Thomas Powers Road to Heard County Line 2.211 miles
Newton Road from Macedonia Road to Old Carrollton Road 1.587 miles
Tabby Lynch Road from Martin Mill Road to Gordon Road 1.450 miles
Copeland Road from Adcock Road to Dead End 0.994 mile
Haynes Road from US27 Alt to Dead End 1.140 miles
Rainwater Road from Gordon Road to Dead End 0.892 mile
Coggin Road from Mt. Carmel Road to Dead End/td> 1.180 miles
Raymond Hill Road from SR154 to Fischer Road 2.209 miles

2016 Full Depth Reclamation

In 2016, SPLOST funds have made nearly 16 miles worth of full depth reclamation projects possible:

Location Miles
Mt Carmel Road#1 from Welcome Road to Payton Road 4.137
Mt Carmel Road#2 from Hewlet South Road to Coggins Road 1.265
Turkey Creek Road* from pavement joint to pavement joint 0.645
Howard Road** from SR 16 to pavement joint 0.341
Howard Road** from pavement joint* to Senoia City Limit 0.092
Standing Rock Road#1 from Browns Crossing to Senoia City Limit 2.650
Standing Rock Road#2 from Senoia City Limit to Stallings Road 0.460
West Grantville Road from Grantville City Limit to Grady Smith Street*** 0.890
Lowery Road from Grantville City Limit to U.S. 29 0.590
4th Street #1 from Newnan City Limits to Boone Drive 0.790
4th Street#2 from Belk Road to Newnan City Limits 0.226
Michaels Crossing from SR154 to Cul-de-sac 0.241
Golden Ct. from Cherish Way to Cul-de-sac 0.100
Cherish Way from Michaels Crossing to Cul-de-sac 0.147
Cherub Lane from Michaels Crossing to Cul-de-sac 0.218
French Village Blvd. from Palmetto/Tyrone Road to French Village Blvd. 1.225
Trangueray Street from French Village Blvd. to Cul-de-sac 0.240
Belleview Ridge from French Village Blvd. to Cul-de-sac 0.193
Summit Lane from Mission Drive to Cul-de-sac 0.150
Mission Drive from Hwy 70 to Cul-de-sac 0.250
General Longstreet Lane from Baker Road to Cul-de-sac 0.447
Bradley Court from Happy Valley Circle to Cul-de-sac 0.300

*Pavement joints are located approximately 200 linier feet south of East Newnan Road and approximately 500 linier feet West of Newnan Crossing Bypass.

** A portion of Howard Road is currently under construction for realignment and pipe replacement. Pavement joints will be located on each end of the realignment project at SR 16 and the Senoia City Limits.

*** End construction is approximately 50 feet past the intersection with Grady Smith Street.

Projects include Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), striping and markers.

SPLOST Transportation Projects

Your SPLOST dollars have made numerous transportation improvement projects possible. Because of your support, the following projects were possible:

Location Project
Various Locations Solar Powered School Zone Warning Lights
Cannon Road at White Oak Creek Bridge replacement (Design & Right of Way acquisition)
SR 16 Widening at Sargent Elementary Turn Lanes
SR 16 at East Coweta Middle School Turn Lanes
New Corinth Road at Pine Road Intersection Improvement
Raymond Hill/Fischer/Major/Shaw Intersection reconfiguration & traffic signal
US 29 at Hal Jones/Greentop Intersection improvement
Greentop bridge over CSX Design & Right of Way acquisition
US 29 at Cedar Creek Road Intersection improvement & traffic signal
US 29 at Edgeworth Road Intersection improvement & traffic signal
SR 16 at Macedonia Road Intersection improvement
SR 154 at Lower Fayetteville Road Intersection improvement
Poplar Road at Mary Freeman Road Intersection improvement & traffic signal
Lower Fayetteville at Sullivan Road Intersection improvement & traffic signal
SR 54 at Gordon Road Intersection improvement
Haynie Road Realignment & bridge removal
Nixon Road New surfacing (paved from unpaved)
Glen Winkles Road New surfacing (paved from unpaved)
Reese Road at Keg Creek Bridge replacement
Moore Road at White Oak Tributary Bridge replacement
Lower Fayetteville at Shoal Creek Bridge replacement (Design & Right of Way)
Five Points Intersection Joint Intersection improvement project with City of Newnan
Hood Road Culvert replacement
Club Drive Culvert & Dam replacement
Ishman Ballard Road Culvert replacement
Luther Bailey at Double Branch Bridge replacement
Luther Bailey at Dead Oak Bridge replacement
Cannongate Road Culvert replacement
SR 154 at Hammock Road Intersection improvement & traffic signal (Design & Right of Way)
Poplar Road at SE Bypass Intersection improvement & traffic signal
SE Bypass Extension – Turkey Creek to SR 16 Utilities, design, Right of Way and 20% construction
SR 16 Widening from I 85 to US 29 Design, Right of Way and 20% construction
US 29 at Pine Road Intersection improvement (Design, utilities, Right of Way and 20% construction)
Gordon Road at Moore Road Intersection improvement
Welcome Road at Dixon/Welcome School Intersection improvement

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