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Newnan Centre

Newnan Centre Amphitheatre

Newnan Centre and Amphitheatre

The Newnan Centre and Amphitheatre is located at 1515 Lower Fayetteville Road. The construction of the Newnan Centre was mostly funded by SPLOST 2002 and the Amphitheatre was funded by SPLOST 2007. Prior to the construction of the Centre, completed in 2013, the City of Newnan did not have a convention center. The Newnan Centre is operated on an Authority Board basis and it is a great addition to the City of Newnan as it is the perfect place for corporate functions, weddings, and variety of other uses. With these events come increased economic opportunities for other local businesses through visitors utilizing the facility. More information about the facility can be found at

City of Newnan Project

Newnan Centre Total Costs: $3,127,747.78
Amphitheatre Total Costs: $2,907,961