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Poplar Road Interchange

View of Poplar Road interchange from the north

View of Poplar Road interchange from the south

The Coweta County Board of Commissioners began discussions regarding the Poplar Road Interchange as early as March 1996, also considering an interchange at Lower Fayetteville Road.

Settling on a location at Poplar Road, in 2004 the Board approved a contribution to GDOT of $100,000 for the Interchange Justification Study. The Interchange Justification Report was approved in 2008, and by 2009 was assigned a Project Identification Number, establishing funding for portions of the project. Engineering and Design were approved in 2010, and federal and state environmental approval came in 2014.

47 parcels of property, totaling 50 acres, were acquired by Coweta County for the project. In 2016, the project was advertised for bids, and eventually awarded to ER Snell for $28.8 million. It is projected to be finished in 2019.

Overlay for future Poplar Road interchange

Greison Trail Roundabout


At the intersection of East Broad Street, Lower Fayetteville Road, Greison Trail, and East Newnan Road, rush hour traffic delays longer than ten minutes were standard.  However, once the SPLOST-funded roundabout was installed at the intersection, those delays have become a thing of the past.  Installed at a cost of 40% less than that of a traffic light, the roundabout was a cost-effective solution that has actually allowed traffic to flow more quickly than a traffic light. And, a study performed six months after the roundabout installation indicated no accidents of any kind had occurred.

Various Sidewalks

Lagrange Street

Lagrange Street

Lagrange Street

This project consists of the construction of various new sidewalks within the City. The new sidewalks are 5’ wide and ADA compliant. This project will assist in connectivity to downtown shops, restaurants, and City facilities, as well as making it safer overall for citizens to get to their community parks and downtown events. Rather than having to walk in the street, the new sidewalks are also providing a safer environment for students to walk to school. The most recent sidewalk project consisted of construction on First Avenue, St. Clair Street, Roscoe Road and W. Washington Street. The Funding source was SPLOST 2007.

City of Newnan Project

Budget: $446,421.74

Nixon Road Paving

Paving Nixon Road, formerly gravel

Paving Nixon Road, which was formerly a gravel road, was a project under SPLOST 2007 and 2013.

Coweta County Project

Total Budget: $651,554.47

Jackson - Sprayberry - Roscoe Road Intersection

Jackson Sprayberry Roscoe Road Intersection Before

Jackson Sprayberry Roscoe Road Intersection

Jackson Sprayberry Roscoe Road Intersection

Before the construction of this project, the flow at this intersection was confusing to most commuters. There was a pub in a triangle of the intersection and the only street aligned was Jackson Street. The intersection was an eyesore. After construction we have a perfectly aligned intersection with safety crosswalks, a lovely landscaped area, new sidewalks and less traffic flow confusion. This is a much safer intersection. This project was funded by SPLOST 2007.

City of Newnan Project

Total Costs: $1,403,003.28