Howard Warner Facility

Greenville Street Park

This project consists of the renovation of the 1935 African American High School and the construction of a gymnasium located on Savannah Street. The facility will be utilized by the Boys & Girls Club and the YMCA. The Boys & Girls Club will focus on children between the ages 7 to 18 years of age and the YMCA will focus on infants to 6 years of age. Part of the programs, not all inclusive, will include early childhood learning, afterschool homework/study programs, a craft room for blooming artist, and a game room for just clean fun! The funding source will be SPLOST 2013.

City of Newnan Project

Budget: $3,617,500.

Greenville Street Park

Greenville Street Park

The Greenville Street Park is a two acre "first class" urban park nestled between Greenville Street, LaGrange Street, and Salbide Avenue. Strategically placed on the edge of the historic Greenville/LaGrange residential neighborhood and its commercial district, the park is within walking distance of historic downtown Newnan. The urban type "hardscapes" park was designed as a first class gathering place for downtown patrons, lunch time crowds, afternoon and evening musical concerts, and other festive events.

The park features a 25 column colonnaded entrance, a terraced lawn area and stage that serves as a small amphitheater, a water fountain, brick plazas, a covered pavilion, and plenty of tables and chairs. Meandering paths, secluded benches, and extensive landscaping compose the balance of the new park. The Greenville Street Park also features two sculptures, one by prominent Atlanta artist, Martin Dawe, and the other by local renowned artist, Carol Harless. This park was 46% funded by SPLOST 2002 and the remaining costs was funded through Impact Fees. The park was constructed in 2009.

City of Newnan Project

Total Costs: $1,884,973.70

Leroy Johnson Park

Installing a storm drain at Leroy Johnson Park

Installing Storm Drain at Leroy Johnson Park

The Leroy H. Johnson Park honors not only the former Commissioner for whom it was named, but all those who have had an integral role in making sports a vital part of the Senoia community.

The Leroy H. Johnson Park will feature multiple recreational opportunities. The park will be constructed in phases over time on a total of 49.4 acres. The initial phase includes two baseball fields along with parking and convenience/concessions. Future phases will include two additional baseball fields, a football field and stands, a toddler playground, more parking and a walking trail around the perimeter of the complex.

The project at Leroy Johnson park included installation of a storm drain. It was funded by SPLOST 2007 and 2013.

Coweta County Project

Budget: $516,509