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The City made several improvements to Lynch Park area over a two or three year period. Improvements include increased and reconfigured parking spaces for the gym, a new parking lot for ball fields, swimming pool, pool house, a new multi-purpose field, increased playground space, enhanced vehicular and pedestrian circulation within the park, improved overall grading and drainage, and upgraded curbing, sidewalk, fencing along Wesley Street, spacious covered pavilion, a half-mile walking path, and a substantial multi-colored playground.

Also as part of the overall park improvements, the City installed one of the first permeable paver parking lots to be located in Newnan. Unlike traditional asphalt or concrete, the permeable pavers allow water to run through the parking lot rather than pool on top or run off of it. The water percolates through it when it seeps through the spaces in the brick pavers to cleansing layers of gravel below. The gravel acts as a natural filter, cleaning the water of pollutants. The environmentally friendly permeable paving system was specifically chosen in this particular situation to eliminate a detention pond, to reduce stormwater runoff, to reduce pollutants from stormwater runoff, and to provide a solid and practical educational demonstration project to encourage further use. This project was 100% funded by SPLOST 2007.

City of Newnan Project

Total Costs: $1,331,986.24