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Fire Equipment



Street Cleaner

SPLOST dollars have been instrumental in assisting the City of Newnan with purchasing equipment needed in all departments. This has allowed the City to increase response times in Fire emergencies, increase response times in the Police Department, and increase overall efficiencies in other departments. For instance the Street Department, from repairing pot holes to keeping the streets clean. The City is also very cognizant of how SPLOST dollars are spent. For example Fire Engine 6 (pictured above): rather than paying the additional $350k or $400k for the custom cab that most fire engines have, a commercial cab truck was purchased, resulting in substantial savings. The City also used SPLOST dollars to purchase a light duty rescue unit. The purpose of this purchase is that over 80% of all calls are medical rather than fire related. This is saving wear and tear on the more expensive water carrying fire engines. This too results in substantial long term savings. SPLOST 2002, 2007, and 2013 funds were used for this purpose.

City of Newnan Project

Budget since 2002: $3,000,000+