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Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's Office Exterior

The 2013 SPLOST has provided funds for a Video Visitation Center and Infirmary for the Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Mike Yeager stated the importance of SPLOST for his office: "SPLOST funding has had a positive impact on the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. It has provided much needed improvements such as the current construction of the Video Visitation/Bonding Center, the Eastside Precinct, along with the construction and renovation of additional work space for our Criminal Investigations, Dispatch/Communications, Training and Administrative areas of this agency. As Sheriff and also as a lifelong resident of Coweta County, I can see and appreciate the functional changes SPLOST has brought to this office and our ability to better serve the community."

Coweta County Project

Budget for Video Visitation and Infirmary: $2,475,449
Pod Lighting Upgrade (making lighting more energy efficient): $31,738


Fire Equipment



Street Cleaner

SPLOST dollars have been instrumental in assisting the City of Newnan with purchasing equipment needed in all departments. This has allowed the City to increase response times in Fire emergencies, increase response times in the Police Department, and increase overall efficiencies in other departments. For instance the Street Department, from repairing pot holes to keeping the streets clean. The City is also very cognizant of how SPLOST dollars are spent. For example Fire Engine 6 (pictured above): rather than paying the additional $350k or $400k for the custom cab that most fire engines have, a commercial cab truck was purchased, resulting in substantial savings. The City also used SPLOST dollars to purchase a light duty rescue unit. The purpose of this purchase is that over 80% of all calls are medical rather than fire related. This is saving wear and tear on the more expensive water carrying fire engines. This too results in substantial long term savings. SPLOST 2002, 2007, and 2013 funds were used for this purpose.

City of Newnan Project

Budget since 2002: $3,000,000+

Fire Department

Fire Engine

Fire Department Machines

Fire Engine

The Fire Department was able to complete various station renovations, as well as purchase new equipment.

Coweta County Project

Station Renovation: $323,947.66
Equipment: $89,091.01

Public Safety Complex

Public Safety Complex

The construction on the City’s new Public Safety Complex commenced in September of 2013. The 36,000 square foot Complex is located on the former Hannah Homes site. The facility now houses the City’s police and municipal court operations. The City’s growth over the past several years generated a needed increase in the area of public safety. The previous location of the department and municipal court (Wadsworth Building) could not house the entire force. The police department was spread out in several other locations in the City. This project allowed the City to bring the police force back under one roof, which facilitated a much more efficient operation. In fact the operating cost has decreased. As of now the City’s Police Department is only operating this one location which is more energy efficient, as well as permitting increased productivity.

This project was 98% funded by SPLOST, the remainder was funded through Impact Fees and Confiscated Assets.

As a separate project but also affiliated, an access road was built going through the property connecting Augusta Drive and Jefferson St. that was named after Reverend Joseph E. Hannah. Also completed in February 2015 and 100% funded through SPLOST 2007 and SPLOST 2013.

City of Newnan Project

Public Safety Complex Budget: $8,500,367.12
Access Road Budget: $1,112,130

 Did You Know?

During the actual construction, consideration was given to budgetary concerns. Beyond the lobby, the facility is very basic and cost effective. The City focused on putting the most dollars in the Lobby (citizen) area and Courtroom since this area is most visible and has the most traffic. For example, Terrazzo flooring was used in the lobby and even though this product is a little more expensive than some of the other flooring used in the facility (carpet tiles, VCT, etc.); this is the most high traffic area and will last for many, many years to come.