• The latest segment of the Newnan Bypass opened December 2017, extending the road from GA 34 west through Turkey Creek Road to GA 16 east.
  • The Five Points Intersection Improvement Project was recognized in February 2017 by Georgia's premier annual engineering awards competition
  • SPLOST helps keep our county beautiful by renovating historic public buildings, and creating new landmarks for future generations
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Coweta Shoppers ResidenceWHAT IS SPLOST? A 1 percent sales tax that must be approved by voters and used for specific projects. A SPLOST has been in place in Coweta since 1986 and extended by Coweta voters 6 previous times.

The 1% is paid by all shoppers in the county, meaning that a percentage of SPLOST revenues come from non-county residents.

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COULD THESE PROJECTS BE FUNDED ANOTHER WAY?  Without the SPLOST extension, funding all county projects would require an increase of 3.8 mils per year on county ad valorem taxes. That would increase our current county millage rate by over 55%.